US pollster John Zogby has joined his son Jonathan at JZ Analytics as a Senior Analyst. In his new role, he will be overseeing a series of 2012 presidential election surveys, designed to track public opinion of the primary and general election candidates.

John Zogby founded Zogby International in 1984, and by the early 1990s became known throughout the US for tracking presidential races and accurately predicting elections. In 2010, he sold a 51% stake in the business to Brazilian research agency IBOPE, which has since re-branded the agency IBOPE Zogby International.

In his new role, John Zogby has now joined a number of former employees including his son Jonathan who was previously Director of Domestic Business Development at Zogby International, and now serves as MD of JZ Analytics. The company offers a range of services for surveying difficult to reach populations across the globe, and for independent third party analysis.

In an announcement, John Zogby said: ‘I look forward to continuing the tradition of the Zogby Poll and market research with my son and team.'

He will be overseeing The Washington Times/JZ Analytics surveys, which will gauge favourability of Republican candidates throughout the 2012 campaign, based on demographics such as party affiliation, race and religion, gun ownership, and support of the tea party. Surveys will be released before primary voting events through to the election in November.

Washington Times editors and Zogby will also collaborate on creating ‘wildcard questions' to gauge issues of interest to the voting public.

The newspaper's President, Thomas McDevitt, explains: ‘The combination of The Washington Times news gathering, analysis and an expanding national audience coupled with Mr Zogby's considerable expertise is focused on engaging voters and news consumers. Our aim is to enhance the American public's genuine understanding of the issues and political process.'