Source: PRWeb Newswire

Revolution PAC will help propel U.S. Rep. Ron Paul to victory in the New Hampshire Republican Primary with a six-figure investment in advertising airtime between now and January 10.

Aired will be a broadcast version of the super committee's viral web video, "The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul." A total of 237 spots featuring the 60-second ad will run on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Discovery and History channels, and ABC, including three airings during Saturday's ABC News/WMUR Debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester.

Results of a new Washington Times/JZ Analytics Poll, taken Wednesday, show Paul in strong second position in New Hampshire. His top-tier finish at Tuesday's Iowa Caucuses produced a seven-point bounce, to 24 percent.

Enjoying nearly a half-million You Tube views since its release last week, as well as a hit on NBC Nighly News, "Compassion" highlights the Texas congressman and medical doctor's personal generosity and support of free market health care. Featured is the story of James Williams of Matagorda County, Texas, and his young wife who found themselves under Dr. Paul's care during a high-risk delivery in 1972. In the video, Williams recounts the prejudice of the day and how Paul looked beyond color lines to deliver their bi-racial child when other nurses and doctors ignored James' pleas for help.

"Dr. Paul understands that in medicine, individuals are best served when physicians are able to practice their craft freely," explains Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. "We are proud to spotlight not only Ron Paul's legendary professional integrity but also his spirit of generosity with this ad."

James Williams and the broadcast version of "Compassion" will be featured Friday on "Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano" on FOX Business Channel.

Revolution PAC is supporting Ron Paul's consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.