Are your Facebook friends your friends in “real life,” as well? Not according to a recent poll byZogby Analytics on behalf of lifestyle website Living MacTavish, which found that nearly one-third of the 1,000 or so respondents had not met a single one of their Facebook friends face-to-face over the past two months.

When asked for a percentage of Facebook friends they had met with face-to-face over the past two months, respondents answered as follows:

  • None: 30 percent of respondents
  • 1 percent to 10 percent: 23 percent
  • 76 percent to 100 percent: 15 percent
  • 11 percent to 25 percent: 13 percent
  • 26 percent to 50 percent: 11 percent
  • 51 percent to 75 percent: 8 percent

Lifestyle guru and Living MacTavish Founder Susan MacTavish Best said of the poll’s results:

This is even worse than I expected. Offline is the new online. In this era of constant texting, tweeting, and Facebooking, lots of us are hungry for slower-paced, face-to-face conversation. I want people to entertain more. I want to save the world one dinner party at a time.

Technology is a tool; it’s not a replacement for relationships, whether personal or business. You’ll not do a deal over a tweet or a text, but you will do one over a Scotch. Let’s take social networking back to the future.

If most of us have not actually met lately with 90 percent or more of our Facebook friends, does that mean that Facebook friends are sort of like dog years? In other words, does one offline friend equal at least 10 online ones?

We need to reclaim the word “friend” to mean someone that you actually meet, at least from time to time.

Readers: What percentage of your Facebook friends have you met with face-to-face over the past two months?