According to a recent poll commissioned by Clean Edge, Inc. and SolarCity 69% of U.S. homeowners would like to have more choices when it comes to their homes energy supply, and a whopping 88% of homeowners support renewable energy. The survey was conducted by the National polling firm Zogby Analytics and is one of the first to ask homeowners specifically if they would be interested in installing solar panels in their own homes - finding that 62% are interested in solar. Along with more energy choices homeowners indicated that they also felt utilities should not be able to basically “get in the way” of homeowners installing solar power by imposing fees and taxes on solar customers. In addition, what appears to be stopping many homeowners from installing solar panels is the fear of the initial financial outlay, though many people do believe that the cost of solar installation is becoming more affordable all the time. It certainly is interesting that 73% of the homeowners who were polled said that “they would welcome an inexpensive and reliable form of energy provided by someone other than their current utility.”