New Workplace Poll by Zogby Analytics for The Marlin Company Shows That American Workers Trust and Respect Their Bosses but Do Not Want to Date Them

As American workers prepare to mark National Boss Day Oct. 16, a recent survey finds that employees respect their bosses in and outside of the workplace. But that relationship definitely doesn’t carry over to romance.

On work related tasks, workers feel that their bosses do a pretty good job, with 68% agreeing that their boss does a better job than they could. On the flip side, 27% thought they could do a better job than their boss, according to Attitudes in the American Workplace XV, a national telephone survey of 751 American workers done for The Marlin Company, a workplace communications and software company in Wallingford, CT, by Zogby Analytics in June and July 2013.

And when asked, “Would you trust your boss to baby-sit your kids for a night?” 66% said they would trust the boss, with 29% saying no.

However when it comes to workers’ love lives, that’s a different story. When asked, “Assuming it was possible, would you date your boss?” only 2% said yes, with a solid majority, 78%, saying no.

“Taken together, these responses paint a solid picture of trust and respect between bosses and their employees. Having two-thirds of respondents saying that their boss does their job better than they could, and at the same time being willing to allow them to take care of their kids, tells us that workers respect their bosses’ abilities and have trust in them,” said Frank Kenna III, president of The Marlin Company.

“While bosses are trusted and respected, those high ratings obviously don’t carry over to the physical and emotional realms,” Kenna said. “I suppose that’s just as well, as we’ve all seen the high-profile problems that can occur when work and romance combine, especially when it involves direct-report workplace relationships.”

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About this Survey 
This survey was done for The Marlin Company, a Wallingford, CT workplace communications company, by Zogby Analytics, based on 751 interviews among a nationally representative sample of full- and part-time US workers. The margin of error is +/-3.7 percentage points. Zogby Analytics conducted live operator telephone interviews in June and July of 2013.